Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 89--The Bike Was Stolen! (I think he's lucky he made it this far.) :)

Hi Mom!!!!! :)

THANK YOU for those quotes from President Hinckley! Those are great! The missionary one was especially relevant :) I always remember you quoting that first one, helping me remember that things will work out. And I remember hearing that last one at church a while ago - it's so true and well-put! Thank you for helping me out with that picture :) That's cool that Dad has a little break for a while! What's he doing in Israel?? Also, I was telling someone that he's a professor at BYU and they asked if he has tenure yet, and I didn't know... has he been there long enough yet? Just curious :) I really hope things work out for you to make it to Idaho - that would be really cool! And that's awesome about the Spin class!! I'll have to come to it when I get home and see if two years of biking did anything for me :) Thank you for the updates!

Yes, Monday would be the best day for an appointment. Thank you for looking into it for me. I was feeling my head just last night, and I might have a weird one up there too... so it'll be good to be checked. So, of course, highest priority is that the appointment happens; but, if it's convenient, it would be easiest if the appointment wasn't between 10 and 1ish, just so we don't have to switch our email time. Like I said, though, that's not really a big concern. Also, next week would work well; if that's when it's scheduled for, you could probably call Sister Palmer and she'll let me know. The week after that is transfer Monday, which will possibly be a little hectic - but, again, not that big of a deal. After that would be gold too.

It's been a pretty good week! At the very beginning of the transfer, I was filling out the days for my planner, and I had this random thought when I got to Week 4, "This is going to be a good week!" So I wrote that down on Week 4 - and it was a pretty good week! :) We had a couple investigators come to church yesterday, which was awesome. We also found a couple new investigator, which has been rare lately! This one woman basically already agrees with the Church! She mentioned how she feels that there's a person or influence that communicates with each of us (the Spirit); that there should be prophets today (President Monson); that it would make sense that there are hidden records (the Book of Mormon); and that families don't stop at death (Plan of Salvation). So now we're just going to try to help her start living it instead of just agreeing with it. This week we had exchanges with our zone leaders, which was great. We also had interviews with President Palmer, which was very uplifting. He gave me a lot of really kind compliments, so I've been feeling pretty good :) We've had a lot of really cool experience with people on the streets; some that we went and talked to, and others that waved us down! We even had a funny conversation with some bike Police that teased us for passing them on the street :)

Here's a little update... my bike got stolen. About an hour ago! It's a little bit of a long story, but basically it's not really my fault :) And I wasn't in danger or anything like that, so all is well! A police report was filed by someone, and I've heard of missionaries getting their stolen bikes back... but it's not super likely. A member has offered to help out for a new one, and I think I have sufficient money if it comes down to it, but I talked to President Palmer and he said I can borrow a loaner bike for the last few months. So I should be good! I'm a little sad I won't get to bring it home - it was a nice bike! - but all in all, it'll work out :)

Well, I think that's it for this week! I feel like there's so much more to say but I can't think of anything! Things are going great with my companion and my district and my ward. I've been really blessed to have some great relationships and associations on my mission. During a coordination meeting yesterday, our ward mission leader said a prayer for us, and it really touched me. He also gave a talk in sacrament meeting, and got up and said, "Well, my goal today is to hopefully help everyone feel a little bit better about themselves" and congratulated everyone for making it to church and doing what good we do, and reminded us to not compare our worst to other people's best. I thought that was so true! Anyways, I'm loving this area!!

Thank you for everything you do for me :) I love and miss you so much! Thank you for your wonderful example, and for always showing me your love. You're such a good Mom :) I love you! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

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