Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 85--No New Changes

Hi Mom!!!! :)

Well, first things first: I'm staying in Modesto 6th, with Elder Tiatia (no longer training him) as a district leader. Exact same! I had been feeling that that might be the case, so I'm really excited! The 6th ward sisters are the same too!! And we're getting some awesome new elders, that are already super good friends of mine, into the district! Elder Tiatia will now be, with no exception, my longest companion; all the others have been 1 or 2 transfers, and if I get a new companion next transfer, it will only be for 2 at most! :)

I'm so glad your trip went well and that you stayed safe! :) Ahhhh you're making me want shrimp! I could be in San Fransico in an hour and a half - ugh! :) Those are really cool thoughts about the Book of Mormon from church! I've grown to understand and feel the power of the Book of Mormon more and more on my mission; and I'm sure I don't understand half of it!

Thank you for the updates from home! I'll definitely keep Grandma in my prayers - that's scary, and I'm really glad the surgery went well!!! I'll also keep praying for Makaeli - moment of truth :) That's cool she's getting to tour a bit.

Thank you for getting that package together!!! :) I'm really excited! Hmm... I think I'm ok for anything else! Thank you so much for the offer though!! :)

So, hopefully I'll have some fun pictures for you next week! Remember Scottie? Well, we've grown really close to his great-grandparents, and they're receiving their endowments tomorrow, and we have been approved to go! So, if all goes well (heaven forbid anything happen!) I'll be having a wonderful day tomorrow! :) First time in 20 months! I'm also really excited for General Conference - that will be amazing!! :)

I should probably go... thank you so much for your email and for everything you do for me! Thanks for your reminder that He will help me! I love what you said! "His grace is sufficient for all of our insufficiency." I hope your week goes well! I love you so much!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

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