Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 88--Easter 2017 AND Visitors From Modesto

This week I got my very first box of stuff returning home from Connor. It was just a box of things he didn't want to continue to pack around or carry home in his suitcase. (And, yes, I did go through it all. But I did not cry or try to smell his scent on anything or any crazy thing like that. Not that I would blame anyone if they did those things).  It was brought to my house by the Frazes, who live in the Ward and area that Connor is serving in right now. So, basically, they've seen my son a lot more in the last 20+ months than I have. It was really, really good to meet them. Sister Fraze is usually the one who sends me photos or updates. And, Connor has skyped home from their place twice already and most likely will a third time this coming Mother's Day. They only had good things to say about Connor: that he is a great missionary, that he works hard, that he teaches really well and that he is really good with his companion and the other missionaries, that President and Sister Palmer love him, etc....so pretty much EVERYTHING a Mom wants to hear!! Thing is, I believe every word of it. :) And, I appreciated them taking the time to drop off the box, meet me and stay and talk for a while. What good, kind people they are! I look forward to returning to Connor's mission some time in the future and seeing them again. Getting the box made this whole coming home thing seem a little bit more real--YAY!! 

I sent this picture of us to Connor. He thought it was weird to see the Frazes in his house. :)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Here is his letter and a couple of Easter pictures from this week.

Here is a picture of the package we sent for Easter. I was able to mail the big eggs just as they were. I taped them all up and they put the address right on the egg. Even the mailman thought it was a pretty fun package idea. :)

Hi Mom!!! :)

I loved my Easter package!! Thank you so much! I got it right after a zone conference, so everyone noticed my super cool and creative Easter package. President and Sister Palmer both, and about 20 missionaries, asked me about it. So you got the cool Mom award :) I hope you enjoyed the pictures...... :) I've now eaten WAY too much candy in the last few weeks, but it's been worth it!

That's so fun you got to meet the Frazes! We'll see if Brother Fraze passes the hug on :) She texted us and said how great you are. That was weird seeing them in my house!

I'm so glad Prom went well for the girls. They both looked very pretty! That's awesome about Ethan too! Is the Pony league advanced or anything, or just an older age group? He's looking so much taller, but maybe it's just the pictures?

I've had a pretty great week! We committed someone to a baptismal date in June, so it'll be exciting to help him move forward. We've had a lot of fun dinners with amazing members lately, so I've really enjoyed being with each of them. Our investigator, Marty, by the way, wanted me to tell you hi for her :) She keeps insisting that we come back and visit after the mission. She wants to adopt both me and Elder Tiatia, but knows that you would probably not be ok with that :) But she told me to tell you that you're wonderful parents. She's super nice and is a really really good friend of ours! :)

We had a great zone conference this week. President Palmer talked for a few minutes about the importance of listening. He said it's a hugely important skill that not very many people have these days. I've always thought that truly listening to someone is one of the biggest services you can do for them. An investigator taught us a while ago that in order to really listen - you have to care. I thought it was a great reminder, especially for me, and I've had multiple chances to practice it recently :) I also think our district meeting went well this week, which is always nice! I love this district so much!!

It was funny, as soon as that medicine kicked in and got rid of my allergies, I got a cold! I guess I'm destined to have a stuffy nose for forever! I'm almost over the cold now though, so I feel pretty normal finally! :)

Well, I love and miss you so much!! I love your emails and I love hearing from you! Thank you for your thoughts today and all the support! I LOVE that idea that sometimes answers to our prayers just simply come as peace - I've experienced that several times. I'm excited for Mother's Day! :) I hope your week goes great! I constantly pray for you and the family! Thank you for everything!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

"My new Easter tie! "

"Easter eggs. Disregard Elder Tiatia's lack of missionary clothing.  Also, I'm basically translated." :)
Elder Tiatia and Elder Hopkin
Easter 2017

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