Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 84

Hi Mom!! :)

The week was good! Ups and downs :) I had some really nice experiences this week, and a little opposition to keep me humble - I'm grateful for that though :) Yes, transfers are coming up this week! I can see just about anything happening - both staying, me leaving, Elder Tiatia leaving - but I'm feeling like we'll both stay. We'll see how accurate I am! Yesterday, Sister Fraze said, "We need to have you over for dinner again before you leave!" and then a little bit later, Scottie told me, "You're going to come say bye before you leave, right?" So I hope they don't jinx me! :)

I really hope your trip is going well! You'll have to tell me all about it! If it weren't against the rules, I'd ask you to travel about 5 and a half extra hours, but... soon enough :) I've thought about our lack of missionary contact in Utah too! I only have the Texas elders to look back to for examples, really. It's kinda funny, thinking about things I saw missionaries do that I now know they shouldn't have... :)

That's so cool that Sacrament meeting was so great! Those are incredible thoughts on the Sabbath! I love that quote: "The Sabbath keeps us". That's really interesting, too, that you said that will probably be one of the determining commandments as the "sifting" is going on. I had the chance to talk to our stake president a little bit the other day, and we talked about how the wheat and the tares will be sifted. In Preach My Gospel, it says that when a community grows careless in its Sabbath Day Observance, it crumbles. It's amazing and kinda scary that such an easy commandment to break is so deciding in our blessings. Thanks, also, for the quote and your thoughts on prayer!! That's been a pretty big topic for us recently. I felt prompted to have our district meeting focus on prayer on Thursday, and then it was a main subject in church yesterday, and now here it is again! I'm so grateful that God has allowed us that way to talk and speak and grow closer to Him - it really is a privilege that we take for granted sometimes. He is constantly answering my prayers and giving me comfort when I turn to Him.

Quick question: Do you remember those Doterra allergy pills you bought me a few years ago? Were they pretty expensive? If not, do you think you could maybe grab some for me? Allergies around here are killer. I'm taking off-brand Zyrtec, which keeps it mostly at bay, but my eyes and throat are pretty itchy still. Sister Palmer also mentioned "Flo-nase" (I think?) but said it might be slightly addictive...? Anyways, I'm fine, but a little extra allergy alleviation would be appreciated :)

So, I had a pretty amazing experience the other day that I feel I should share with you. I kept your Valentine's Day note that you sent me in my box, because it was sooo nice! I came home the other day and was feeling kinda down and discouraged, and decided to read it - and it helped SO much and made me feel tons better. Then, I had a prompting to imagine that our Heavenly Mother had sent it to me, and I read it from that perspective - and started crying :) So, 1) I know that our Parents love us so much, 2) Thank you so much for that note, 3) Thank you for everything that you do to show me love and support, and 4) Thank you for being such an amazing example of what our Mother would say and be. I feel that you're a lot like Her.

I hope everything goes well for you this week! I love you so so much! Thanks again for everything - you're a bigger blessing to me than you can even imagine :) I do feel and truly appreciate your constant prayers!

Elder Connor Hopkin

"The 6th ward Dream Team"
Sister Huff, Sister Bird, Elder Hopkin, Elder Tiatia
Modesto, California 6th Ward
March 19, 2017

"Home-made A&W rootbeer at the second A&W ever built - pretty darn good" :)
Elder Hopkin
Modesto, California 
March 20, 2017

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