Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 87

"My wedding tie! :) That's Elder Tiatia, Me, Cook, Jeong, Spikes"

Hi Mom!!!!!!!!

Those pictures are so fun!! That's so fun to see everyone - all the kids look so much older! Especially Ethan and Katelyn! It's freaking me out :) I'm so happy for Angie and Dan! They look so happy together. Thank you for sending me those pictures!! I'm really glad Ashley and Grandma are doing well too! I'll continue to pray for them!

This week has been pretty crazy - but not bad :) I just feel like we've been running around everywhere. On Saturday, Modesto had their #LoveModesto day, where there were several different service projects that you can attend to give service to the city. The 2nd ward Relief Society President put one together, so we went and helped out with that one. Everyone made and stuffed teddy bears that are going to be given to children in challenging circumstances (medical emergencies, being taken by CPS, etc) - and we and the 2nd ward elders were the quality control/bear counters. There was a specific way people were supposed to tie the bows, and half of the people did them wrong - so we each retied at least 200 bows. I'm a lot faster at tying my shoes now though! All in all we completed and counted 1,331 teddy bears. It was super stressful and lots of fun :) Some of our investigators are making progress, and some are regressing a little. We have such a hard time getting people to keep their appointments, so we haven't had a ton of lessons or anything recently. I think we've been able to bless some lives and hopefully plant some seeds though, which I'm totally fine doing as long as that's what I'm here to do :) One quick story: We were biking on Thursday, kind of hurrying somewhere, and there was a lady at a bus stop that we passed, and I felt like I should stop and at least give her a pass-along card - but I didn't. Literally the next day, we were in even more of a hurry, and we passed the exact same lady at the exact same bus stop - so I stopped this time :) I was really grateful for the second chance and the lesson learned! Things are going great with my Elder Tiatia! It's been fun watching him learn and grow, and we've become great friends! I love our district too - lots of good missionaries and friends! Last Monday after emailing, we went to a field and played kickball and grilled some meat for lunch - it was so much fun!

I DID get the package!! And my allergies are basically nonexistent now. Thank you SO much for sending me those! I'm sure that wasn't cheap. And I love this new tie - I'm wearing it for the 3rd time in a row today :) I hope Prom goes well for the girls, and baseball for Ethan, and work for you and Dad!

Well, I should probably go. Thank you again for everything you do!!! I love you so much, and I'm SO grateful to be your son! I miss you and can't wait to talk to you next week - and for real on Mother's Day :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

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