Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 80

So, I finally got Connor's Valentine's package sent to him, but not in time for him to get it even this week. Now it will be REALLY late and I have learned my lesson about procrastinating (I hope). The other disappointing thing is that in my rush to get it sent off, I didn't get any pictures of it. While that may not matter to him or to anyone else reading the blog, it does matter to me. I will NEVER remember what I sent--I hardly can already as it is. That is why I take the pictures, to remind myself for the future packages I send. But, it is what it is and I will just have to try harder next time to be more organized. Anyway, I did get an awesome picture from Sister Fraze on Sunday night. Those always make me super happy. So, the picture follows the email.

Hi Mom!!!! :)

Ok, new email time with the transfer! 10:30-12:00. Just so you know :) Thank you for taking the time to email me in the morning so I have it when I get on - I really appreciate it! I really like hearing from you :)

Ah, that french toast was SO good! Please don't tell her this, but yours is a bit better.... but I'll take what I can get :) I've been trying to eat better recently - and I got totally messed up with that dinner. 6 pieces, full of nutella and syrup, with tons of salty, greasy bacon and at least 3 cookies.. it was bad. But so good :)

The mission actually gets our packages to us on Wednesdays now. So I'm guessing the package got there on Thursday, and the bag on Friday, and both are just sitting there :) But I'll have a very nice upcoming Thursday, and I'm very excited :) Thank you for taking care of that! The bag has been holding up quite well - but it will be nice to have a new one that can maybe even be used when I get home! Speaking of... I have a lot of random clothing that I don't use at all and will be excess weight in 6 months. Sister Fraze said she's going to Utah in April I think, and can bring a box or two from me. I'll be sending some things, but should I include the clothes? I was thinking about donating some of them, especially the useless ones, to places around here. Do you care at all?

That sounds like a super fun birthday for Makaeli! And I'm glad you enjoyed your Valentine's day! Valentine's day is definitely very different as a missionary :) I had a perfect one though - we were talking to this guy on the street, and a cute little girl that was with him looked up at us and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" and gave us both a piece of candy... that was all I needed :)

No worries with the college stuff! It was good for me to get a slight idea of what's going to be going on. Thank you for taking the time to send that for me! I'm strangely excited to get back into school! I'm guessing that will change after about 24 hours of it though! And thanks for saying hi for Daniel and Russell - give them a hi from me if you get the chance!

I LOVE that quote you sent me! President Palmer just sent an email to the missionaries about how joy isn't found in fun or personal gratification but in the small moments when we see hearts change, or when we choose an act of obedience, etc. I've definitely had those moments in my mission where someone gives me a compliment, or I witness someone feeling the Spirit and finding the joy of the gospel, or I choose to talk to someone that isn't interested but is now one step closer to accepting it in the future. I think that kinda goes along with your quote and thought - it's the small and simple things that make a difference for those around us and for us. Thanks for sending me that!

Our area is doing great! We have two wonderful people that have committed to baptismal dates in March and April, and we've found a few new investigators. We had a lot of people at church yesterday, which is not very common

Well, I should probably go - I'm gonna send Makaeli an email! I love you so much! THANK YOU for everything you do for me! I pray for you constantly! I hope your next week goes well! I love you!!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017
Elder Tiatia and Elder Hopkin

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