Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 79

Connor's letter for the week and a few pictures at the end. Enjoy!

Hi Mom!!!! :)

Well, I'm pretty sure I finish and close my emails the exact same way too... So I know where you're coming from :) And every time you say them, it sounds very sincere and I love it! So no worries at all! :)

As far as transfers go, we are staying the same! I think this is the 1st transfer call I've ever gotten where something didn't change in my companionship, area, or assignments. The only other times it's happened were when I stayed with Elder Jones for another transfer... and the assistants forgot to call us that time; and then with Elder Griffin...and we didn't call ourselves. So this is a first! :) I'm really excited to keep serving with him, and in this area. I feel that there are several people here that we've built good relationships that we can keep teaching together. And Elder Tiatia is a great companion, so I was more than fine sticking with him! I was kinda thinking I might be done serving as a district leader, but I still have at least another transfer of that, which I'm glad about. This area is so great - so much work to do! The only problem is that sometimes there's too much to do... so it's kinda overwhelming. We had a pretty mixed week. On Wednesday, we committed an investigator to a baptismal date, and found 2 new investigators! Then for a couple days, basically nothing happened. We ran into some very interesting people here and there as well, so that was fun :) I've had different situations in this area that I have no experience with at all, so that's been a great opportunity to learn and grow, and to feel some anxiety :)

Thank you for the updates! I'll definitely pray! I'm glad Makaeli had fun, and that's too bad that boys aren't old/good enough for Bryn :) At least she's rich! I hope everything goes well for Makaeli with BYU! That would be really fun to have her around on campus! And it sounds like Ethan did super well at his bee! I was never brave enough to get into those! And yay for all the other exciting things going on!!!

So, my bag is broken. It's still usable, but it could give out at any time. Am I mistaken, or is there a 2-year warranty on it? I took some pictures that I'll send to you, in case that's necessary. Do you mind seeing if they'll send me another one? That would be very helpful! Thank you so much for the Valentine's box! I'm super excited!!

AHHH that college stuff was crazy! Is it bad that I didn't understand half of it? I guess it'll be like a mission huh? You're 100% lost at first, then after a while you kinda get used to it to where you're only 50% lost and can kinda figure things out? Is that just life? I feel like that's one of the mysteries that kids never figure out - you never quite know what's going on, huh? Or maybe I'm just dumb :) Thank you for getting the rooming all figured out! I really really appreciate all the work you're putting into that!

That's CRAZY that Kayla is home! Sister Neeley, who came out with me, goes home on Wednesday.... what?! One good thing is coming of my short time left though... I realized that I do not want to get home, and be thumbing through Preach My Gospel, and realize all the stuff I never read or appreciated! So I'm starting a very in-depth study of Preach My Gospel so I can make sure to get everything out of the missionary guide - while I'm still a missionary! I've gotten about 3 pages into it and already learned a ton! Thank you for your testimony about prophets! I LOVE what you said about how each of us is listening to someone... so why not listen to the people that tell us what God is saying!? :) I totally agree!

As far as the flooding and dam goes... I had no idea :) I did notice the river in our area was a little fuller than usual, but that wasn't too surprising because it's been pretty full this last month or so. So, no, we aren't having problems with it, as far as I'm aware! :)

Well, thank you again for everything you are always doing to bless my life!! I don't know how to thank you for all you do for me. It seriously feels so good to get some words from you and get a bit of communication going. I love you so so much, and I hope your week is wonderful and safe and happy! You're constantly in my prayers!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

Here is an extra paragraph from his email to Shon that I thought was interesting and that he might want to remember later.

I had an interesting experience this week that I thought I'd mention. We were at dinner, and this lady's son came over, and started being very condescending, rude, and aggressively antagonistic to the church, and especially us as missionaries. I don't think I've done anything to lose the Spirit, and I prayed at that moment that I wouldn't be "confounded before men", but I was shaking and stuttering and lost the whole time! While thinking about it afterwards, I thought about how it was a good reminder from God that, no, I can't do this alone. He'll help me when He chooses to, and this time He let me all but fail so I would remember to rely on Him. Also, I noticed in the D&C that it says I will be given the portion that shall be "meted unto every man". Maybe there wasn't anything to be meted to him. It would just bring greater condemnation to him, and would have probably made him even angrier, and possibly even violent. So maybe in the grand scheme of things, it was best that he just ran his mouth, and I wasn't able to say anything back to him. Do you have any other thoughts on that?

"Our ride to church last week!!!!" :)

"Me and Elder Stewart on exchanges! On a very rainy day." :)

"My bag!"

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