Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 92--Mother's Day Skype 2017

It was so good talking to Connor on Mother's Day. He looked and sounded so old and mature. He is doing well and seems really happy in his new area and with his new companion. It made me really "trunky" to talk to him. Maybe it's because he is so close to coming home. But, it sure made me excited to see him here in a couple of months! Shon was on a work trip in Israel so we three-way Skyped with him as well. It really couldn't have been better! Best Mother's Day gift ever! Here are pictures from our Skype:

Mother's Day 3-Way Skype
Sunday, May 14, 2017
Elder Hopkin in Stockton, CA
Shon in Jerusalem, Israel
The rest of us in Orem, UT

Sometimes it's a little weird emailing the day after you talk to them. Hard to have something else to say. But, Connor's email this week was as good as ever--it follows.

Hi Mom!!! :)

Haha I hope I'm at least a little more old and mature than I used to be. I still feel at least 18. And my voice was cracking as if I was 12 :) It was so good to see you too! You looked so pretty, and it was so good to hear your voice too! It just brings back good feelings, you know? I'm so excited about your Spin class - keep me updated on that! I didn't feel too weird after Skyping - better than my last 3 for sure. It was just kind of like walking out of a movie theater - you're back in a different reality, but you adjust back pretty quick :) And it did help that I was only saying goodbye for a couple quick months.

Elder Hong said it was good to meet you. I agree about that blessing Dad gave me! I've kept it in the back of my mind with every companion. If nothing else, I think it has added a little extra motivation to work at getting along - I don't want to lose a friend that I was meant to have.

I had a quick question: for my appointment today, do you have access to the info? I'm pretty sure I signed something at a doctor's office before I came out - was that it? I'll be sure to fill out the form to get info to Dr. Bradshaw.

Those pictures of the boys are so crazy/great! Thanks for sending them! Ashley has emailed me a few times in the last several months, and I've been really impressed with her testimony and strength as well. She's a good aunt. And so are the rest of them - Alisha, Angie, Melissa, Aimee, etc. I've been so blessed with such an amazing family, immediate and extended!

So.... I would love some spicy chips, if you can spare the room :) I always want to get them at the store but can't bring myself to sacrifice money and health. But now it'll just be health, so it's worth it :) If it works for you! I can't really think of anything else that I really need right now! You're always good at figuring out the right things to get me anyways :) Thank you so much! I'm really excited!

Today before email we got a super fun basketball game going! There's an elder here that played at Lone Peak and is signed to play at Weber when he gets home.... he's kinda good :) And lots of other elders that are about my level, including Elder Hong. So it was lots of fun! And, I got so close to dunking it! Maybe I'll get it before my mission's over :)

I've been gaining a stronger testimony lately of the Book of Mormon, and had a quick thought. We had a great zone training a couple weeks ago that helped us remember the importance of that Book and gaining a testimony of it. It was really interesting to me that the majority of the missionaries that shared their testimony haven't had one huge, miraculous manifestation - it's been a slow, quiet, but powerful process that now leads up to them knowing that the Book of Mormon is true. God promised that He will manifest the truth of it to us through the Holy Ghost - but that's really the only limitation He put on it :) I remember Bishop Pectol teaching me about how testimonies are a lot like walls - they're built one small brick at a time. For the Book of Mormon and the Church, I'm blessed to have some larger, more foundational bricks in my wall, but it's been a lot of small moments that have truly built my testimony. I consider it a huge blessing that God has allowed me to feel of the truth. I noticed at the zone training that, yet again, there was no huge experience that made us all know immediately that the Book of Mormon is still true. But I felt a quiet power reminding me that it is God's word. The Spirit doesn't come in earthquakes or fires or winds, but as a very still, very small, very quietly powerful voice.

Thanks again for all of your help and sacrifice and love!!! I love you so much! I'm looking forward to your email next week! Oh, by the way, we don't have specifically set times in this zone, so I'll hopefully be emailing 11 or after, but could do it as early as 9. I love you!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin

Also got this picture from Facebook today from the member's home where he had Mother's Day lunch and where he Skyped from. As a missionary Mom I appreciate these members so much! They are so good to the missionaries and make them feel welcome and at home. I know they receive blessings for their service.

"I love seeing the faces of our missionaries when they are skyping with their families. Such joy! Here is Elder Hopkin with his family from Utah and his dad working in Jerusalem."

Elder Hopkin
Sunday, May 14, 2017
Stockton, California

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