Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 91--Transferred and Travel Plans (It's getting real....!)

This week I got a prized possession in my email box--Connor's return flight itinerary. Needless to say that was a good day! It sure does make this whole coming home thing seem even more real. Now I am not sure that I can keep myself from counting down every day until then. But, I will try.

Hi Mom!!!!! :)

So! The church wifi is down so I'm at the library with an hour long time limit that might unexpectedly end early :) So I'm gonna be quick this week if that's ok!

That's so exciting about dad's CFS!!!! Yay!!! The longer I'm out on my mission, the more and more I recognize and appreciate you and Dad and how perfect of parents you have been and are for me. You two are one of my biggest blessings.

SO....... I'm getting transferred! To Stockton! I'll be with Elder Hong; he's been out about 7 months. There were Sisters in that area previously, so we'll both be new there (the 5th time that's happened to me out of 6 transfers :) ). AH I love Modesto 6th ward so much!!! I'm so sad to leave! But, I have always wanted to go to Stockton. And the only Chick-Fil-A in our mission will be in my area. So I'm happy :) I won't be a district leader anymore, which I'm also going to really miss. Relieving, but sad. So, that's that!

Because of the transfer, I have no idea when church is. I'll try to still call around 5 or 6 though - that should work. Sister Hupp (one of the sisters we've been serving with in 6th ward) was in my new area before she came here, so she's given me a couple hints, and she said the Bishop should be able to let us Skype at his place. I'll probably have them call you beforehand to figure things out... unless you can email me in the next 20 minutes with your Skype username. Also, what's the plan with Dad? I'll probably just find out when we Skype, huh? :) Anyways, I'm so excited to talk to you!!!!!!!! :)

Something else fun: Elder Tiatia's new companion is Elder Jones, my second companion!! They're going to have a blast together!

Good luck with your Spinning certification! I'll definitely keep that in my prayers! Thank you for the thoughts from President Monson! To be honest, I felt that a little last night after getting this transfer call (it shocked me!); I was feeling a little lost for a few minutes, and just felt comfort knowing that God is perfectly in control, and the Savior knew exactly how I was feeling.

Well, I'll try to send a tiny bit more if I end up with extra time, but there's the most important stuff! I love you so so so much! Happy Mother's Day, in advance! I'm looking forward to talking to you so much! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

Here is a copy of his itinerary.

Also, this week, he was transferred to Stockton. I am assuming this will be his last area. I found this picture of him and his new companion, Elder Hong, on the Facebook page for his mission. Thanks to the member who posted it!!

Elder Hong and Elder Hopkin
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Stockton, California

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