Tuesday, January 24, 2017

week 76

Hello Mom!!!! :)

Well, this week went quite well! I'm sure I have plenty of stories to share, but I can't remember them! We'll see if they pop up as I type :)

Business first: Thank you for working on the housing for me! And thank you for explaining that all to me - that's very helpful! My initial thought would be towards chemical engineering, but if you could get some info for biochemistry as well, that would be great! (By the way.... what do you mean "get info" from them? :) ). That's good I can change my majors, cause I'm about as indecisive as ever! :) Question: It seemed to me that when my friends a couple years ago were getting ready for college, they didn't do all this "major" stuff. Are there other ways to do it, or were they just choosing majors without me knowing? Are there overall general eds (math, science, english, history) that should be completed at some point, or are the general eds determined by the major? Does that make sense? I'll definitely think and pray more about it! And I'll let you know for my shoes! These don't say a normal size - all they say is 44. I'd guess a 10 1/2, or 11 would be right.

That stake plan is awesome!!! I really like that! I totally agree that those simple things are going to make the biggest difference! I like how it focuses in on our personal growth and conversion, using the basics. And thank you for sharing those quotes; I loved them!

Congrats on the new job! That sounds like you're going to be really good at that!! I'm guessing it might take a little patience from time to time, but you're such a charitable person; I'm sure you're going to be a HUGE blessing to her! God definitely put you and her in each other's paths for a reason, so I'm guessing you'll both be blessings to each other!

I went on exchanges with Elder Nettesheim this week, which was lots of fun! And yes, it POURED! Maybe I already said this, but I've found that once you just commit to being wet, it becomes fun (except for the cold) :) There hasn't been any bad flooding in our area, but the rain has been nasty. Sorry it's snowing so much up there - I know you don't like it too much :) We had some great progress with lots of our investigators - we had 4 come to church, which I think is a record for me :) Each of them are progressing in their own ways, and are super great! I'm really loving the people here! Some crazies around...yes. But so many good people! :) We had a zone meeting this week, where they reminded us about 8 finding ideas that no one really uses (family history, helping members use social media and family home evening to share the gospel, etc). There's a reason we haven't been using them - they're hard! :) So we committed to focusing more on them. I had to remind myself it's like being a new missionary - hard at first, but I'll get used to it! My companion is doing great, and we're getting along really well!

So no stories that came to mind... sorry! And sorry I have no pictures this week! I'll do better :)

I love you so much!!!!!! THANK YOU for helping with college, and my life in general :) I miss you lots - but only 3 1/2 months till Mother's Day ;) Have an awesome week! I'll keep your job in my prayers :) LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

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