Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 57--Follow The Promptings Of The Spirit

Hi Mom!!! :)

Thank you for your email! That talk is so good, and I had forgotten about it! Haha I can imagine typing that up on a phone...thank you for your dedication :) That was a good reminder for me! Sounds like a super fun week!! Dang, I wish I could have been there! I was in Spirit though I guess... Yah you'll have to send me some pictures, I'm dying to see them! I'm so glad they're so happy! Sounds like I prepared her well for that honeymoon trip huh? I've been the guinea pig from day 1...that was sneaky of her :) Hailey's getting married?? What?! That's so weird! That's fun Bryn got to go. Looks like Ethan and Makaeli had good weeks too...I'm glad her team is doing a bit better! The win streak will start soon :)

We had a pretty good week! A couple lessons with our investigator Kevin - he's doing well! If you could keep him in your prayers, that would be wonderful! He's such a good guy; his biggest desire is to follow Christ and make the right decisions. The biggest thing has just been helping him find that this is the only true way to draw closer to the Savior. Plus...he has a huge boa constrictor - my kind of guy :) I got to go on exchanges with Elder Stock and Elder Anderson (both in the picture above). Elder Stock is such a stinking well-prepared missionary - he's been out 8 weeks and is so solid! And Elder Anderson was in my MTC district, so it was a blast to spend a day with him! Elder Griffin and I got some good-looking haircuts from our friend in the YSA ward today :) We've got a zone conference coming up this week, so we've been pretty busy organizing that. Speaking of, we're leading a training on following the Spirit, which leads to my thought:

I've missed sooooo many spiritual promptings on my mission, it's sad...I hate to think of the people I missed because I wasn't paying attention or was too prideful to listen to the Spirit. The other day with Elder Stock though, we had a cool experience following promptings. We were biking down a major street, and I had the thought to turn right onto a residential street and see what we could find. I fought it pretty hard for a little, then asked Elder Stock if we could turn around. We went down the street and found a guy watering his lawn.....very uninterested. We felt like we should knock a door, and the woman told us to come back later that night! We did...and she wasn't interested :) But! We knocked another house and while she was quieting her dogs, I had the thought to bring up family history. As a mission, we're trying to use that finding technique a little more frequently, so I thought I'd try it out. I asked her if she'd be interested, and she told us that she got stuck on her family line years ago and had given up, but she's been ordering materials and records recently. She said she was very interested in trying our Church's resources, and maybe even her husband would be! We're hoping she'll be able to come in soon! That story was a little anticlimactic, I know....but! It was amazing to see how the Spirit put thoughts in our minds that helped lead us to people that we were able to hopefully provide a good touchpoint for. He knows exactly where they are and what they need, and it's our job to ask Him and follow Him when He directs. I'm really trying to be better at it. I've learned that as we pray and do the things in our lives that will invite the Spirit, He has been promised to us to help us with our own personal trials and with our efforts to bless the lives of others. I'm so grateful for that gift that Heavenly Father has given each one of us!

Quick favor: next time you send a package (please don't worry about sending one just for this) could you please buy and include a personal hymnbook? I have one in my house now, but I won't have it when I leave, and it's a pretty big tool in this mission! You could maybe just draw some money from my account, or I'd even love that to be like a Christmas present if you want...however you want to do it! Thank you :)

I hope you have an incredible week! Thank you so much you do for me!!!! I miss you, and I always look forward to your emails - they make my day :) I love you so much!!! I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

Me with my wedding tie on September 8th - and a couple missionaries! :) Elders Stock, Jones, me, Anderson, Sandstrom! They're the best!

Menchie's run a couple weeks ago, the night before they took off for home! Super good missionaries in that group!

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