Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 56

Hi Mom!!!! :)

Thank you so much for the email! It means a lot to me that you email me so much; it's given me so much support and help over the last 13 months! I'm so glad Makaeli's games went well...I hope they're able to keep that going!! And that's exciting for Dad! It's kinda hard to imagine them not keeping him huh? :) Keep me updated on Cooper! I'll be anxious to hear where he's going! And I haven't even worn the tie yet - I decided I'd keep it special for that day. Ahh that's so exciting! It'll be fun to meet and get to know him when I get back. They could have a kid by that time huh?? :)

Well, we didn't have much of a preparation day again :) There was a Sister coming from Mexico waiting for her visa, so we went out to pick her up. We have permission to email a little late, but I should probably keep it pretty short... I don't really even remember what happened this week! On Wednesday we sent out the departing missionaries, including Elder weird! Elder Maxwell and Elder Roudabush go home this transfer too, and I'll probably still be around for that! The travel plans for one of the elders going home got messed up, so we had to make a last-minute trip to San Fransisco to drop him off - it was SO cool!! :) Let's see....we taught Kevin several times this week, and he came down to Modesto for church! Super exciting! He's becoming a really good friend of mine and Elder Griffin's. Speaking of Elder Griffin, I'm so blessed to have him as a companion! He's so good :)

Oh, I forgot to tell you! Elder Jones (my previous companion) is our district leader!!! We had a super good district meeting on Thursday about faith. We're going on exchanges with him and his companion this week, which will be lots of fun! Our ward here is warming up to us more and more, I think. We're starting to make good friends with several of them. They're all so friendly and teachable and willing to help with missionary work - it's been so much fun serving here!

Quick thought: Yesterday in church, our awesome ward mission leader was teaching the gospel principles class, and the promise of the Book of Mormon came up. He asked Kevin, who was there, "What would you think if the missionaries said 'Here's the Book of Mormon - it's true, because my parents said it was!'" and Kevin was like, "Uh....I wouldn't be sitting here" :) Then our teacher said "But what happens when they say 'I know for myself that the Book of Mormon is true?'" and Kevin said, "I don't can just feel it!". It really helped me realize that when we bear testimony from our heart and from our own personal experience, the Spirit really does bear witness. I sometimes doubt that, because I'm not always on a spiritual high during lessons. But the Lord has promised that when any of us bear testimony, the Spirit will confirm our words. Also, I know that people truly can read the Book of Mormon and receive that witness from the Spirit that it is the word of God. The Book of Mormon has blessed my life and strengthened my testimony in so many ways!

Well, thanks again for everything you do for me! I love you so much! I hope you always remember and recognize just how incredible you are. I'm so blessed to have you as my Mom! I love you SO much!!!! Have a fantastic week! You're always in my prayers! You're the best :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :):)

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