Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 44

Hi Mom!!!!!! :)

Yah, that talk from General Conference was SUPER good!! I need to go back and read that. Thanks for reminding me about that... I definitely need the leadership help :)

That's fun that everyone's doing well with their sports! I just got to play some basketball for about 2 and a half hours with everyone, and it was SO fun! We've been playing in the morning a couple times a week too for exercise. Hopefully I won't be too bad by the time I get home! That's super fun you're going to St. Lois! You'll have to tell me all about it!

So updates.... hm. There was a ton of stuff to do for transfers this week. On Monday we picked up the new missionaries and street contacted with them for a little. Then we had dinner and a testimony meeting at President's house. The next day we had more meetings and trainings with them and assigned them to their companions. Then we had a testimony meeting and dinner with the departing missionaries. On Wednesday, we took them to the airport, then came straight back for a new leadership meeting. Wednesday night we had another meeting with President; Thursday we had our typical district meeting. And then we got to proselyte! :) We've gotten to bike a lot more lately though, and it feels so good!! We've talked to lots of people - some interested, most not! We've had some good contacts and hopefully new investigators soon. Our investigator is doing well; he's still interested and we're working quite a bit with him!

So I shared some thoughts in my group email; I don't have much else right now :) Just, I've been reading Alma 17-34 lately in preparation for Elder Evans coming this week. It's incredible the faith that they have and the miraculous answers to their prayers. They go through so much, but they push through in faith and find success. It showed me a lot I need to improve on as a missionary! That fits pretty well with President Warnick's thought! I didn't quite catch that as I read it! That's super cool!

I feel like I have more to say this week but I'm drawing a blank...ugh! Things have been going really well. Elder Maxwell is great! I've gotten to see basically all of my past companions and they're doing great. Oh! Elder Dixon is engaged! Pretty crazy! :) And that reminds me too.... Alisha is getting married?!?! What the heck?? That's so exciting!!! Dang I'm not even gonna be there :( If you have any pictures of them, I'd love to see them!

Well, you're the best!! I love you so much! You're always in my prayers! Thank you for the email and for everything you do! Thanks for your prayers and support! You're the best mom ever :) I miss you and love you so much!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

P.s. Oh! Dang I keep remembering things! So...that's pretty funny you requested a picture of my nametag with something iconic. A few weeks ago, Elder Maxwell's mom asked him the same thing and he was like "I can't think of anything special about Modesto except all the people tripping on meth!" So a day later, we saw a guy that was obviously doing meth, and he took a picture of his nametag with him from the car!! :) So....I'm not brave enough to do that. And I'm not super creative...but I'll try to find something! Maybe like an orchard or fruit or something? I don't know :) I'll work on it! Love you!

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