Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 42

We got some great pictures from Connor this week. 

"We found a super comfy sweater in the discard pile in the office and decided to try it on... I think it looks a little better on Elder Maxwell but I might keep it" :)​

Elder Hopkin, Elder Maxwell, Elder Lopez
May 30, 2016

Hi Mom!!!!!!! :)

Yes, my birthday was wonderful!! Your package arrived just in time! I opened it Thursday morning and used the basketball shoes to play for exercise, and I'm wearing the slacks right now, and the tie is awesome and I love the running shoes and the oreos are delicious and...what else? Was there a Subway card in there too? Anyways, it was perfect!!!! :) I got a lot of nice birthday wishes, and some treats from our office staff, and packages from other family and friends, and President and Sister Palmer came over with cake that night, and they had us over for dinner on Saturday night (Elder Maxwell's birthday was on the 25th). So it was pretty wonderful! Thank you so much for everything you did to make it a great day! And thank you for doing that service for my friends! Maddie said she really loved it, and Katy said "your sweet mom sent me cookies and it was the cutest thing" :) They really appreciated it, and so do I :)

Sorry it was a slow week :/ I don't even know if it was slow for me or not; it seems like an eternity somehow, but also like 2 seconds. Transfers seem to fly by, but months take forever. It's so weird! I hope your summer goes nice and slow though - it always seems to move a little too fast! Unless you're crazy and like being busy..which might describe you... So I hope whatever you want happens! How's that? :)

So I was at Alex's house last night - she was the girl. She's a YSA, a convert of a couple years, and she's going on her mission soon. She's super good friends with the Fraze's, so we know her from there, and she invited us for dinner. The Elder to my right is Elder Elliott, my MTC companion!!! :) His companion is Elder Feltman, who was our MTC district leader! They're our zone leaders right now, and they cover the YSA ward. Then Elder Maxwell and Elder Lopez of course, then a couple of Alex's YSA friends. It was super fun!

 Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Birthday to Elder Hopkin and Elder Maxwell
Sunday, May 29, 2016

My companions are great! Obviously they're not perfect (I'm the only perfect companion, you know! ;) ) but they're about as good as you can get. There have been a couple times over the last few weeks where we haven't agreed perfectly, but we get along pretty well! They're teaching me a lot and I'm super grateful for them! :)

It really was such a blessing to interact with those two men from the missionary department. I learned a lot! I'm definitely having plenty of situations where I'm being stretched a bit and don't feel so comfortable, but it's good too! I always remember (and constantly share) that quote you told me, about how God cares about our progress more than comfort. It's so true! :) Elder Maxwell likes to say that "There's no growth in a comfort zone and not comfort in a growth zone". And as far as you being the Bishop's wife... Don't tell Dad ;) but I've heard many times that Stake leaders find the strongest woman in the ward...and then call her husband as bishop :) And it makes total sense with you. Luckily, Dad's pretty great too :) But I know you do such a good job in that position you're in! And please don't worry about sounding preachy!! I love learning from you!!! :)

That thought from Lyndi's farewell is super cool! That helps a ton; I'm gonna write that down and look into it more, cause I need all the help I can get for being a leader. I like #3 especially; it shows that we ourselves need to have that personal testimony of the gospel and Atonement so we can bring others closer to it. That's something big we're talking about as a mission.

So, not much to update. We had a great lesson with our investigator though, and he committed to be baptized when he finds out the message is true! Hopefully he'll be able to stick to it! We had a great meeting with the trainers and new missionaries, which I conducted (there's that uncomfortable learning experience!). Oh yah! I almost forgot! I got to go back to Tracy on an exchange with Elder Grover, another zone leader that came out with me, and one of my best friends in the mission! We got to see some of the people I had worked with. And do you remember Tawney, the less-active woman we were working with? I wanted to see her, but they had just seen her the night before, so I didn't feel like we should go back just for me. So we were biking around, and I had a thought to take the long way around to a house so we could talk to people on the street. We got onto a pretty big road, and Elder Grover felt prompted to call someone in the zone. As soon as we were about to start biking again, Tawney pulled up next to us and was like "Is that Elder Hopkin? Come swing by my house!" It was so cool!!! And she's doing amazing, which is super good to see!

Well this turned into a super long email..sorry about that!! Something else real quick though; this morning I had to make a decision about something pretty inconsequential, but you know me :) So I studied it out in my mind and chose something, then told Heavenly Father to direct me otherwise if I was supposed to choose the other, then opened the scriptures to Alma 17 and it told me I had made the "wrong" choice. So I was able to change my decision and I can already see that I made the best one because I followed the promptings from the scriptures! It was a testimony builder for me, reminding me that God answers prayers, especially through the scriptures!

Thank you so much for everything!!! Don't share those pictures with toooo many people ;) I hope you have a wonderful week! I pray for you all the time I LOVE YOU!!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

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