Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 40

Got these two pictures from my trusted friend in Tracy. Michael (the one on the left) was someone that Connor and Elder Roudabush found and began teaching before Connor's transfer. He was baptized on Saturday, May 14 2016. I love that President Palmer lets them go back to their areas for those baptisms that they have been a part of. Happy Day!!

 Michael, Elder Hopkin, Elder Ahua

Elder Roudabush, Elder Grover, Michael, Elder Hopkin, Elder Ahua

Hi Mom!!!!! :)

Yah, it was a really cool experience getting to attend that baptism! That was Michael, the guy I was talking about a lot before leaving Tracy. It was really cool to see him again! It was also really fun to see the ward! They gave a time while Michael was getting dried and dressed for anyone to bear their testimony, so I was able to take that chance and do so, which was really cool! I think what I said was weird, but it was nice to get that opportunity :) Elder Roudabush and Grover were super excited too, so that was fun! I think that was Elder Grover's first baptism (he's an incredible Elder but hasn't had tons of the success that he deserves).

Elder Lopez is emailing next to me and says hi...and that you made a super attractive baby ;)

Things are going well! I got to go on an exchange with a companionship of zone leaders, and it was a blast! They had one of those Doterra oil diffusers, where it releases into the air, and they put in an oil that's supposed to give you weird dreams... I ended up asking a guy for directions to Wal-mart while fighting with a little guy inside a hole in my arm, after doing 150 push-ups in a row... :) They were super fun and we got along super well, and it was a great day! We've had a couple other random meetings and such, but we've had some good time to proselyte too! We were able to contact a couple people on the street that seem pretty interested. We also had a visit with a less-active guy that was totally open! We shared Alma 36 and the Hallelujah video with him, and he really liked it, and we're hopefully going back tomorrow. The exciting thing for the week is that tomorrow the Missionary Department is coming - they were supposed to come in the first 6 months of the mission...but they're coming now :) So the Assistants are going to have lots of meetings, and we get to proselyte tomorrow night with one of them, and have a super long and hopefully awesome training. Should be good! :)

That's really fun about everyone's activities! That's super cool about Ethan - I don't know if it's weird to say, but I'm proud of him! :) I'm stinking excited for Bryn!!! That's going to be such a blast! And that's way cool for Makaeli! 26!!!! :) And she's teaching piano?? And playing with the old girls? Dang!!!! :) That's way awesome!

I love your thoughts!! :) Especially about being adequate! Actually, our mission president has noticed an unfortunate trend in the mission of missionaries thinking they're not good enough. He's sent out about 3 weekly emails about it, but apparently enough people aren't catching the drift, so he sent a super long and direct one - totally threw down! In the nicest way possible. Basically he said "Stop thinking your worthless! You're doing good! CUT IT OUT!!!" :) It is so amazing to me how the Lord uses our individual traits and experiences to accomplish His purpose. I love remembering that doctrine :) Kiiiinda on that topic, I had a new perspective on the sacrament this week. I've always had super strong faith that Christ can forgive us, so it's almost turned into me taking it for granted. Like, duh He'll forgive us! But I had this thought "Well, what if He doesn't forgive me this week?" Then I realized that no matter what, He will, if we're repentant and do our best. And through His Atonement, He can make up the difference when we put in our effort!

Thanks for the hello's! Tell them Hi back if you get the chance please :) No, I can't believe I'm almost 19 - what the heck?!?! :) Hmm....I think I'm good with the package. Thank you so so so much!!!! :)

Thank you for your encouragement and love and everything you do!!! I love your emails ALWAYS!! :) You're such an amazing Mom - I'm so grateful for you! I hope you have a really good week - I'm praying for you!!! I love you so so so much!!!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin

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