Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 38--Getting Used To The Changes

Hi Mom!!!!!! :)

Things have been pretty good! I told my mission president in my email to him that I almost feel like a new missionary again, not really knowing the ropes and being with experienced missionaries. It's been an interesting but cool experience. Like I've said in other emails, I really love the missionaries here, and now I have a greater opportunity to get to know them! The transfer went well. Elder Roudabush took me down to the office and picked up his new companion Elder Grover (one of my favorite missionaries), then I started! I was so scared! Elder Lopez kept saying "Stop looking so nervous!" :) We had a little meeting with the trainers and the new missionaries, then on Wednesday with the new leaders in the mission. We've decided that Elder Maxwell is the designated chauffeur, I'm the designated piano player, and Elder Lopez is the designated talker (he's really good at giving trainings and such). It's been really fun to work with them, but their methods of working are slightly different (just a tiny) than what I've developed, so that's been interesting! Being around the office is fun kinda. We try not to spend too much time there though. There's lots of driving around to do random errands and some extra meetings and stuff, but we try to work in our area as much as possible. I like getting to be around President and Sister Palmer more; I really look up to him and she's just the sweetest, funniest lady ever! The office staff is super cool too :) The new area is great! It technically covers a city called Riverbank, but we live in Modesto - the're about 10 minutes apart. There aren't any investigators right now, but the ward is awesome. It's about twice the size of Tracy ward. It's so weird moving wards and having to get to know new people! I've had some ups and downs this week but overall things are good. I got a blessing from my companions the other day because I was feeling a little under the weather, and I also received some great counsel in that. I had the opportunity to give several other people blessings, and I'm so grateful for the priesthood that's been given to us to bless others!

I'm glad things are going well at home and that Dad and Makaeli returned safely! I was a little nervous for them :) That's awesome about Aimee and Cooper! That's super cool about Ethan too! That was the situation in Tracy ward - only one deacon :)

You're right. I've felt very inadequate and uncomfortable at times :) But God cares more about our growth than comfort right? :) I'm trying to be humble and teachable, and I really do hope that the Lord will help me do the things I need to. I know He can if I let Him; the question is if I do my best or not. That's really good advice to look over my notes from Ryan. I've done that a couple times and they help. God has helped me so much by really diminishing my anxieties.

5:00 does work for Skyping! I gave your number to a SUPER cool member in another ward where we'll be Skyping, and she said she'd call you sometime this week to get it all worked out. So don't get creeped out when that happens :) Oh, so today there were some super cool basketball shoes on sale...and I realized I have those Nike's at home, and I play basketball a fair amount... do you think you could send those along in the next package? Whenever is convenient! I'd really appreciate that if that works!

I'm so excited for Sunday!!!!! Think of your hardest doctrinal questions k? And I won't answer them! :) I hope I'll be a little more normal this time around - we'll see! :)

I love you so much! Thank you for everything!! You're the best!!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin

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