Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 39--Mother's Day Skype 2016

It was so good talking to Connor on Mother's Day. Getting weekly emails is great and all, but it sure was nice to see him, hear his voice and be able to talk back and forth. He is still adjusting to his new transfer and getting used to his new situation and assignments. Here are pictures of our Skype and his letter from this last week.

 Mother's Day Skype--May 8, 2016
Leave it to Shon to be a goof-ball!

This was the best shot we got. Great family photo, I think!
May 8, 2016

Got some pictures sent in a text from Sister Palmer on Monday morning, May 9, 2016. I have no idea what this fruit is they are eating.

 Elder Hopkin, Elder Lopez, President Palmer

Elder Hopkin and Elder Maxwell

Elder Maxwell, Elder Lopez, Elder Hopkin

Elder Lopez, Elder Hopkin, Elder Maxwell

President Palmer, Elder Maxwell, Elder Lopez, Elder Hopkin

Hi Mom!!!!! :)

It was SO good seeing you yesterday!! Haha so THAT'S why you were recording my voice! Thanks for the hi :) I loved getting to see you all and hear your voices and your testimonies and stories! Thanks for letting Grandpa and Grandma and Angie say hi too! It didn't weird me out too bad this time actually! Last Christmas it took me about an hour...yesterday more like 5-10 minutes. So success! :) And I'm already counting down the days to Christmas again :) I don't think there was anything else I wanted to bring up...maybe one thing but I can't even remember it anymore. So never mind! :) I hope it was a really really good Mother's Day!

I'm sure the kids are dying waiting for the end of the school year. Oh man, can you imagine when I have two weeks left on my mission? I've had to pre-live that a couple times, with Elder Moreno, and now with Elder Lopez. It's weird! I'm glad Makaeli got her desired score on the ACT! I'm guessing you didn't say the actual score on purpose, but I'm curious :) If it's a secret, no worries!

That hymn is one of my favorites!! Elder Dixon and I would listen to it all the time - perfect timing for that hard transfer - and I grew to love the lyrics so much! At a leadership meeting a couple months ago, we sang all the verses of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief and it was so cool, and I wish we would do that with this hymn too! It's so comforting and brings so much hope! Thanks for that last paragraph, too. I've felt a little less-than-adequate lately, and that was really good to hear. Please know that I pray for you all the time too, and I know that since you've supported me so much in being here, God is blessing and will continue to bless you so much! Thank you for being such an incredible support! I miss you too...but emails help right? :)

I hope this email is ok... I don't have much else to report on :) Oh, other than the fact that I'm relearning (because I'm too dumb to just learn things once) just how amazing scripture study is! It brightens and lifts and strengthens your day! That's all :)

I love you so much! Thank you SO MUCH for everything! I love you!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week!!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

And, one last picture that Connor sent with his letter this week of the new companionship. I love this one of them in their suits and name tags! Such handsome Elders!!

Elder Maxwell, Elder Hopkin, Elder Lopez
California Modesto Mission AP's 
Monday, May 9, 2016

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