Monday, August 24, 2015

Open House, Farewell, Family Dinner

I am starting this blog post with some regret. My regret is not getting someone to take pictures for me at the Open House we had for Connor at our home on Saturday, July 25. I really wish I had gotten pictures of him with everyone who came. I fooled myself into thinking that I would do it, but I failed to think about the fact that I would be visiting with people too, and refilling food. So, regrettably there are very few pictures to share--only memories. Connor had so many people  who came to support him on Saturday. Lots of family and lots of friends. Many of them came a good distance to be here. We are grateful to all those who were here to show their love and support to Connor before he left. We love you all! It meant so much to Connor and to us that you were here.

I did get some pictures of the food...hahaha. So, here those are.

Open House July 25, 2015

One picture of friends:

Connor, Katy, Madi, Gavin

The next afternoon, on Sunday July 26, Connor gave a talk in our Sacrament Meeting on how preparing for his mission has blessed his life. He did a really great job on his talk! He sounded like a missionary who had prepared himself to go forward and share the gospel. I was proud of him. Again, lots of people came to support him. It's in times like these that we realize just how many people we have in our lives that love us and are there for us. It gives such a feeling of happiness and joy to see so many loved ones--family and friends--who take time and make efforts to show that love and support. It really does take a village to raise a child, and thank goodness we live in such a great village. I found myself feeling so much gratitude for everyone who have made a difference in Connor's life in one way or another. He was blessed with so many good friends who support each other in doing what is right! And, our family--well, I get emotional just thinking about how much they have influenced Connor and how appreciative I am to them for that. So many kind words and acts, so many good examples, so much love and really does make life so fulfilling! These may be small things, but their effect is not small, and I felt the magnitude of them all on this marvelous weekend. I know Connor did too. If you want to hear Connor's farewell talk you can click on it below.

After church we had a final family dinner with my side and Shon's side combined. Ben and Aimee were kind enough to let us use their home and back yard. It was so nice to have everyone there together. This was where Connor had to say his final goodbyes to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for two years...not easy to do. There were some tears, a lot of hugs, well wishes, and "see ya in two years'." I was smart enough to get my sister Melissa to take photos on this day.  Below is a whole lot of pictures of family from the dinner...hope you enjoy!

We are so blessed to have all of this family around us. We are so grateful for all of those who were there. And we are grateful for those who were with us in spirit only. Arden and Lorraine, who are serving in a BYU assignment in Tiberias, Israel, both Chris and Anna and their kids and Chris and Mindy with their family who live in Texas--just a little bit of a drive, Jer, Ali, Kaleb and Alisha who were there on Saturday and for Connor's talk on Sunday but could not stay for dinner. We missed you and don't have pictures of you, but we love you all and know of your love and support as well.

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