Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 94--And He's T.W.E.N.T.Y!!

This last week Connor turned 20. It sounds like he had a great birthday. And, I am so glad! I am also glad that next year I will not miss being with him on his birthday, like I have the last two years. :)

Hi Mom!!!!!! :)

I think I probably had the best missionary birthday ever possible :) I got my birthday package on Monday, and may or may not have opened it on Monday... but I waited until Friday to look at the card and the present! Thank you so much!!! There are about a million Panda Express's around, so that will be perfect! I'm excited about that book too. And I've eaten a TON of spicy chips! Thank you!!! :) So, on Thursday after district meeting, we had a little party with Elder Liddell's cake that he got (he turned 20 on the 26th too) and Sister Palmer was there. On Friday I woke up, opened my present, and we played tennis for exercises. Then, about half-way through the day we got a call from the assistants, telling us that we were getting a car! :) It only has a tiny amount of miles for emergencies and we only got it cause they don't want it sitting at the mission office... but still :) Then we had a great dinner, and Sister Michael randomly asked if she could come over... and then stocked our fridge for us! :) Thank you for texting her - it made my day! So, all went well! The only thing missing was my family - but that was expected!

The zone conference went great! Our musical number went well. Elder Clayton was really great, really nice, really funny, and a great teacher! His wife was pretty incredible too. They had the Manteca stake president come speak as well, and he told us all thanks for the good that we do that we don't even recognize. He even mentioned a man in his stake that after many visits from many missionaries has finally come back to church, and I realized I used to visit him with Elder Jones and Elder Ashcraft!

Thanks for the pictures!!! That's so much fun! It seems like that was me just a few months ago. I'm glad it all went well! Makaeli looks good in all blue :) GOOD LUCK with the upcoming summer! And have fun at Disneyland... oh well :) A few people here have been so surprised when they found out I'm from Utah and have never been to Disneyland. Not that it comes up that much... but sometimes :)

Thank you for that quote on kindness! I don't agree with you though... you're pretty dang kind! I think one of the biggest things I've learned from you is your quote, "You don't have to be friends with everyone, but ALWAYS be kind to everyone." I feel that's something huge you've always made sure to teach me, through your words and your example!

The work here is slowly picking up! We keep finding people with pretty good potential, but none have worked out yet. We've found 2 or 3 less active members, though, that aren't on the ward list, so that's been pretty cool! 2 seem to be pretty into get back to church! It was pretty funny - we biked up to one of them and introduced ourselves, and he said, "You know guys, I'm gonna be honest with you...... I'm a convert. I was baptized in Tracy forever ago" :)

This week I memorized "I Believe in Christ", and I've been trying to sing it and other hymns more while I'm biking around. I've come to appreciate the hymns so much more on my mission - they're really a huge blessing and bring the Spirit so fast!

I feel like there's tons more to say, but I can't remember :) So! I hope you have an amazing week! When is EFY for you? Does Dad get back from Colorado this week? How's your spin class looking? I love you SO much, and I hope you always remember how much you mean to me and everyone else around you. You're incredible! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

Here is the picture of Elder Liddell's birthday cake that Connor wrote about. Sister Palmer sent the picture to me.

District Meeting--Stockton, CA
May 26, 2017

There is this awesome member in Connor's new area who helped make his birthday special. I had texted her asking what restaurants were in his area so that I could send him a gift card for a birthday dinner. She gave me a long list and then said that she would make sure he got a cake on his birthday. And, she came through--with the cake and so much more. Here is one of the best pics yet:

 Elder Hopkin and Elder Hong
   May 26, 2017

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