Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 69--8 Months To Go!!

There is a woman in the Modesto 6th Ward, where Connor is serving, who is super good to the missionaries. She has them over to her home frequently. Last Mother's Day she invited the Assistants serving in the office to come Skype with their families in her home, although they were not serving in her particular ward. Connor had just been transferred and she was so good to him. Well, on this last transfer he ends up actually serving in her very ward. I have already been blessed by that. And, once again, he will be Skyping from her place on Christmas Day. Here is a picture she sent me this week. Love Sister Fraze!!

"Our new Elders & Sisters in Modesto 6th Ward. Take a moment to invite them to your home, feed them dinner, invite your friend to meet them. Each are diligent and hard working to help Bring Souls to Christ."
Elder Lopiano, Elder Hopkin, Sisters Judd and Bird
Sunday, December 4, 2016
Modesto, California

Also, on Sunday night, December 4, we had two unexpected visitors. It was Elder Moreno and Elder Torres--Connor's Zone Leaders while he served in Tracy. We had already met Elder Moreno--he returned home in March and came to see us shortly thereafter. Elder Torres we had not met until Sunday night. I immediately recognized him from some pictures Connor had sent home. They are both in college here in the valley and stopped in to say hello. Aaaahhh, it was so good to see them! Having them here made me feel a little closer to Connor, for some odd reason. Anyway, I managed to remember to take a picture before they left.

Alex and Cris
Sunday December 4, 2016

So, here is Connor's letter for the week and a couple of other pictures that he sent. Happy to know he is doing well and finding people to teach!

Hi Mom!!!!! :)

Hey, that's so fun those two stopped by! They were two of my favorite zone leaders, and they blessed my life so much! Thanks for sending me that picture!

Sounds like an exciting week.....? :) I myself am not too fond of shopping, but you seem to enjoy it, so I'm glad about that! That's fun that everyone will be getting together! I'm SO excited for our call home! I have so many stories by now...hopefully I'll be able to remember at least a couple :) Mostly I'm just excited to see you! I'm glad school is going alright. I think Makaeli had senioritis as a sophomore...but so does everyone... I think mine started as a freshman. So that's ok :) You'll have to keep me updated on her school choice... then I can decide whether or not I like her. I'll always love her, but liking is dependent on some things. ;) Holy cow, that's so exciting about Ashley and Kyle!!!! Dang that'll be just in time for me to meet their baby! I'm so excited about that! I'll keep praying for Angie :)

Ahhhhhh!!!! Thanks for the heads up for college, but ahhh! I don't know if stressed or distracted is the right word (it's far enough off) but that's just so weird. So then... I'll figure out the ecclesiastical endorsement. I have tons of friends going so I have no idea for that. And how exactly do majors work? Is it tedious to change? What exactly does it mean? I don't even know how college credits and majors and programs work... I think I'm leaning to chemical engineering, but I have nothing to base that off of except random things I've heard. I can't even remember anything from Chemistry anymore... :/ Anyways, I'll let you know if I have any revelations or visions :)

Elder Lopiano is from Connecticut. Dang he is so good at connecting with people in our area - it's pretty amazing to watch! We make a pretty good team in this area :) We've found several investigators recently. We've had about 5 times the amount of lessons this week that I had all transfer in YSA. This area is just so prepared. We actually have an investigator with a baptismal date for December 21st! We haven't seen her much recently though...but I hope it holds on! :) Cool story of the week: Last transfer in YSA we got a referral in an apartment complex that's in 6th ward. We could never contact him, though. The other day, we were biking along, and had the impression to turn into the complex. We felt like we should turn right; then knock on a door; then go try another building in the complex. This one door stuck out to me, but Elder Lopiano said we should try one upstairs, and we did. I pointed out the one that had stuck out, and he said, "I was thinking that one too!" And it was the referral from YSA! And he has a kid, so he's in our ward! He seems pretty interested too. So the Spirit works! :)

Well I'm out of time. Thank you so much for the email! I love you so much! Thank you for all you do, and for all the love you show me! I can't wait for Christmas!!!!! :) I hope you have a great, safe week, and I'll be excited to read your email next week! :) I LOVE YOU!

Elder Connor Hopkin :)

"Elder Nettesheim, after our exchange! He's been out just a little bit and is so solid!"

"Our names in the ward program.... oops :)"

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