Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 31

Hi Mom!!!!!! :)

I'm so glad I got your email!!!! I had already started writing one to you cause we got on early today... we'll probably be getting on email a bit earlier this transfer, just so you know. So I'm pretty low on time now cause I was waiting for yours - and it paid off! :) So sorry if this is a little short - Elder Roudabush is a quick emailer and wants to get going - but I'm going to take my time to email my Mom :)

I hope you enjoyed those pictures...I look kinda weird in some of them but I wanted you to see the people I'm serving around! :) Elder Roudabush is awesome! He's been out about 18 months - it's really nice having a companion that's experienced! He's super easy to get along with though, and not intimidating to do missionary work with. So I'm learning but it's not like I'm with another trainer or anything, you know? I'm really looking forward to this transfer! I'm enjoying the opportunity to be a zone leader - it's been a learning experience already, but since we're both new at it, we're not expected to be perfect or anything! I learned a lot last transfer as district leader that's helped me a lot, but I have LOTS to improve on of course! The biggest thing right now is just loving those that I'm called to serve. And I love these missionaries so much! They're all so cool!!! And I hope as I love them and do my best to show my love, that that will help me be a good an influential leader. The area is doing alright....a tiny slow but we're seeing it start to pick up a little. We had a really cool conversation with a new investigator last night and we're hoping he'll progress pretty quickly! Hopefully we'll have some other new investigators soon too! :)

I'm glad the week went well! Bryn emailed me and it sounds like she's having a good time with her play! How are things going with the new job schedule?? Thanks for working on a package for me!!!! No worries about the time, I just really really appreciate you taking the time to get one together - it really means a lot!!

That's really cool about the law of the harvest!! I hadn't really thought about that very much!! That totally ties in with one of my favorite scriptures though - Ether 12:6. After the trial of our faith, where we work hard and do the things the Lord has asked, then we receive the witness - the blessings He promises. I love the thought that we need to act on our faith. You said that so beautifully! Thank you for that thought!! And that's so true that when we pray, we need to be willing to do our part to bring about those blessings. Then the Lord sees our effort and our desire and can bless us! I learned a lot this morning about how the Holy Ghost can give us knowledge, as we diligently seek and ask. He's always there to bless and comfort and teach us. He's one of the biggest gifts God gives us in this life. He knows everything, so when we ask and listen, He can teach us anything.

Also, there's a new video out for Easter!!! It's called Hallelujah and it's so good! I know because of Jesus Christ and His power and love, we can all return and live with our Father in Heaven in complete happiness! He makes it all possible! I'm so grateful for Him! His Atonement is always there to strengthen and forgive us!

Sorry if this seems a little rushed... :( I love you so much! I'm SOOO glad I got your email!! It made my day! :) Thank you for the encouragement and advice and thoughts and love and all the prayers and everything you do! I miss you and love you so much!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful week!!


Elder Connor Hopkin :)

"Ok! So the top is Elder Roudabush! He hates pictures so I forced him to take one so he was grabbing a pressure point so I was on the ground about 5 seconds after that picture - that's my new companion :) Then Elder Moreno the day before he left - that's the mission office behind us in Modesto. Then Elder Ashcraft before he took off to Sonora. Then Elder Pelsue, an awesome Elder in my zone last transfer - he's training up in Lodi now!"

Got this picture on Tuesday from my trusted Tracy ward member who first, always treats the Elders to great meals and then secondly, sends me pics! I don't even know her name, but she is one of my favorite people EVER!

Elder Roudabush and Elder Hopkin Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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