Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 30--New Companion and New Assignment

Hi Mom!!!!! :):):)

So, I'll just let you know so you don't have to wait....or should I just drag it out?...or maybe I'll just tell you right now...or wait until the end of the email... hm............ I don't know......:) K have I built up the suspense enough? So I'm staying in Tracy! Ah it's crazy - I was completely expecting to be transferred out! But there's more... I'm going to be a zone leader here - with Elder Roudabush, who was companions with Elder Dixon right after me! And Elder Ashcraft is going to be with Elder Dixon for his last transfer of the mission! So yah...not expecting that one! I'm super excited and SUPER nervous! I'm really glad I get to stay here and continue to be with this incredible ward and work with the awesome missionaries in this zone. Our area has been pretty slow (except for the huge blessing of Abraham and Martha), so I'm hoping that Elder Roudabush and I can pick the pace up a bit and find some more investigators that are truly prepared! I've heard that he's a really good missionary (and I've talked to him a bit and like him) so I'm excited for this transfer. But like I said, pretty nervous. It'll all work out! I just need to accept that I'm going to make mistakes and that's ok and I'll learn a lot! Should be good :) I'm a little stressed with the changes going on tomorrow so if I sound a little off, that's why :) But thank you for your advice on change - it's so true and that'll be very applicable soon enough I'm sure!

So that's that! Ahhh I'm soooo jealous of Makaeli!!! Taking the ACT? Lucky!! Haha, but I wish soooo bad that I could go to Paris and London again! Awww man! That's going to be so fun for her! I'm glad Bryn and Ethan are staying busy and enjoying themselves! That's super cool about your job! That sounds like a super good idea and like it'll really bless the family a lot! I'm so appreciative of the fact that you care so much about us and are willing to sacrifice your time for our sakes! And that's a super cool example of receiving personal revelation and having the courage to make changes according to what God wants. Thank you for that example!!! And I'm sure the other kids are super appreciative too. I also loved how you said that you and Dad "counselled"!! Did you get that word from me talking about what I've learned from President Palmer, or did you just decide to use that word? Because that's exactly what we're learning in this mission - with our companions, with our stewardships, with our future spouses, we're always supposed to counsel. According to President Palmer, that's the Lord's way of teaching and directing His work. So that's SUPER cool!!! :)

So I actually read in 2 Nephi 9 yesterday morning! That's way cool :) That chapter is so good! It's super intense, and a little goes over my head sometimes, but it's so doctrinally perfect! I agree, Jacob is so incredible! I think that's the chapter that I was reading a few months ago where I just realized that without our Savior, there would be absolutely no hope at all, which I've brought up in several emails. I was reminded of His love and sacrifice as I read through that chapter again yesterday. And your comments on not being shaken - haha I read that paragraph and said "holy cow my mom is so cool" out loud! I completely agree that it's the small, consistent acts of obedience that build that solid foundation for us. Recently I've loved Helaman 3:35, which says that the people fasted and prayed oft. As they did those small and simple things, they became more humble and faithful, until they gave their purified and sanctified hearts to God. And as they did that, they received complete joy and consolation. Through fasting and praying (and we'll add scripture study, service, meeting attendance, etc) we build that foundation on Christ that can't be shaken. And I think you've already done that, if I might say so :) Not saying to stop getting better, but you are such an example of faith and spiritual stability, and it's obviously because you've been so obedient throughout your life! Anyways, I thought that was a super cool thought - thank you so much for sharing that with me!!

Sounds like my missionary friends are doing well! :) I saw that picture of Brittany and Josh (excuse me, Sister Easthope and Elder Carlile) and it blew my mind!! I had no idea they were in the same mission! That's so weird!! :) That's super fun for Cooper to have that assignment! He's obviously killing it out there, and he sounds perfect for that job! Oh man I can't wait to swap mission stories with him - I'm sure he'll have plenty more than me :)

Thank you for reminding me to put my trust in the Lord, and that as I do so I won't fail. I needed to hear that! And reminding me that the gospel is what truly blesses our lives. With transfers, my mind got caught up with different stuff, so I'm grateful for that reminder! I really hope I can do a good job here and that the Lord will be pleased with my efforts and help me do what I know I can't by myself - and I have faith he will! I know as we love Him and others, we won't fear, but we'll have power through Him.

So yah! Oh, by the way this week is actually 7 weeks long! Because of the MTC time change we get an extra week in our missions and this transfer is making up the difference! Not that it matters but kinda fun :) Anyways, I love you so so so so much!! I can't tell you how much I miss you! Elder Moreno going home is making me a little homesick for you, but he's spent his time and I still have plenty to go! Thank you so much for all of your love and everything you do for me! I couldn't ask for a more incredible Mom!!

Elder Connor Hopkin

Oh I almost forgot!! Highlight of the week! Abraham's sister was taught by the Spanish missionaries, and she got baptized on Saturday, and Abraham baptized her!!! It was SO COOL!! Just wanted to report that :) Love you!!!

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