Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week 67--And, After 7 1/2 Months, He's Transferred! (And, it's Thanksgiving this week too).

Well, after spending 7 1/2 months as an Assistant and serving in the Mission Office, Connor was transferred this week. Sounds like it was a little bit of a crazy week--with lots of uncertainty. But, in the end, he's back out into the field in a new area with a new companion. I will be looking forward to hearing all about it in his next email this coming P-day. I am just hoping they had a Thanksgiving dinner set up somewhere. He obviously hadn't had time to set anything up himself and didn't know anyone in his new area/ward. So, hopefully this Momma's prayers were answered and they had a nice dinner with someone. I am anxious to hear about that too. Guess it is time for a change and all that comes with it. 

Hi Mom!!!!!! :)

It's so good to hear from you!! :) I'm so glad you're recovering and doing better! That's crazy that Dr. Judd is retiring - that'll be a good opportunity for you to go bless more lives in a different place now!

So, I won't prolong it :) I am getting moved. I'll be going to Modesto 6th ward, serving with Elder Lopiano. He has been out around 6 months now. Dang it's been so emotionally draining! I now understand what Elder Griffin went through last transfer :) At first it seemed that I would be staying. Then things worked out to where I would be serving in Modesto 6th with another missionary. Then we came in one morning and President had changed me back to staying, and had moved Elder Eagar (that didn't make him too happy!), then we all three were together again, then a missionary that was maybe going to go home decided to stay and made the numbers odd again, so we moved some things around, and now I'm getting transferred! AH! So, that's that! I'll be a district leader, which I'm excited and very nervous for! I'll be serving in the ward with a set of Sisters that have been there one transfer. I'll be in the same stake and zone, so it's not too drastic of a change, but I won't have a car, and I'm gonna have to get used to everything. Fun stuff! :) I had been getting a little comfortable here, I think, so it's time for another change I guess! God cares more about our growth than our comfort, right?

So I'm pretty low on time. Thank you so much for the thoughts! I loved them all! :) One quick thought I had: I was thinking about how we obey God out of love. Then I thought about why that is - why does God feel our love when we obey? The first answer is that we're doing what He asks. But then I realized: everything God asks is for our joy. And He feels joy when we feel joy. So when we obey, we make God happy because we are happy. And that shows that we love Him, because we are seeking His work and glory. I hope that made sense :) Anyways, it just made me think about obedience in a slightly different perspective.

I love and miss you so much! Thank you for all you do for me! You're such an amazing blessing to me! I'll look forward to hearing from you next week. I love you!!!! :)

Elder Connor Hopkin

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