Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 11--Three Month Mark

More of the same for Elder Hopkin this week. We did send him a Halloween package which he got and enjoyed. He also hit his 3-month mark on the 29th of October. It's not a lot, but it's not nothing!

Here are some pics of the package and his letter for the week.

Halloween package sent to Elder Hopkin--Halloween 2015

Mom Mom Mom!!!

Hi! :) Dang, we were gonna do some service today and I was super worried I wouldn't really get to email much! But it fell through so here I am! :) It made me realize though, there might be weeks when I don't end up getting to email and I realized that would probably worry you since I've written every other week so far. So I just wanted to let you know... it probably won't happen, but if I happen to not email one of these times, I just got too busy with other things. But I'm gonna fight tooth and nail to get my email time :) Anyways!...

So, unfortunately, not a whole lot to report on. Our two progressing investigators barely count as progressing... Amelia is still super into getting baptized, but we're having such a hard time even getting appointments with her - we only met with her once this week, and she was kinda sick so we read a couple scriptures with her, made sure she was reading and praying, and took off. We haven't seen our other progressing investigator in over a week. Hopefully we have an appointment with her on Wednesday though.... we'll see. So that's a little frustrating, but it's all good! :)

We do have a couple of new investigators and some hopefully promising potential investigators though! On Wednesday, we were biking past a woman washing her car and stopped to talk and she said "nope! I'll spray you!" and we were all worried, then she said "If you help wash, I'll listen to you!" :) So we started washing her car in white shirts and ties and did our best to teach her! It always throws us off-guard when we expect a quick "no" and someone all of a sudden says "ok, I'm listening, teach me!" so the lesson started off pretty rough (plus we were washing a car). But we did our best, and even though the car ended up looking like junk, we answered a lot of her questions, gave her a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet, and scheduled for this Thursday. And we passed her house again just a few hours after we talked to her, and she was outside already reading the pamphlet and stopped us to ask a question! So we're hoping that continues to go well! Yesterday, we passed a house with a couple sitting outside, but didn't talk to them cause it was kinda an awkward situation, then a couple minutes down the road I felt like we should go back and talk. So we did, and they were SUPER nice and respectful! They're the kind that know a lot about other religions and already have pretty set opinions, but are interested in learning more. The woman especially was interested in talking, and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation because she was curious about the afterlife. When we explained about the Spirit World and the degrees of glory, she looked kinda surprised and said "Oh! That's actually really nice, I like that!". We weren't able to get a return appointment, but they're open to us stopping by and hopefully she'll read the Book of Mormon and want to know more! It'll take some work with them though :) So those are kinda my two stories for the week. Not a whole lot, but fun stories I think :)

I did get the Halloween package, last night!! I LOVED it!!!!!! Thank you so so so much! :) Those packages always help me feel so loved and cared for! Thank you! I wasn't sure if some of it was for Elder Jones or not, so that's good to know ;) MMmmm those mangoes and the pretzels! I love you :) And the spider webs and everything were so creative and fun and you're just the best mom ever!! So yah, thank you so much!

I don't really know what to do with the coat :) That's super good advice though! Do you mind just seeing how much it would cost to get that one from Missionary Mall? We just don't really go to clothing stores a whole lot is the thing. We do shop at Wall-Mart though, so maybe I can pay attention to something other than food and look for a coat there next time :) And it definitely would be good for me to get used to buying my own clothes for once :) It's still feeling ok during the nights, so I'm sure I can last another couple weeks if need be!

Thanks for what you said about me contributing and not having to worry too much. I just keep on worrying even though I know I shouldn't. Ugh! There are just some days that I just think "I don't know how to be a missionary, I don't know how to teach people, I don't know what to do!" and I just worry that I'm messing everything up and not accomplishing anything! But I need to not worry as much. And I need to not worry about not worrying :) I do feel like we're starting to build a pretty good foundation here though! There have been several members that have made super nice comments about us, how they trust us and think we're good missionaries, so I think we've done a good job at least with the members. That's been a really nice self-esteem boost, but I worry that we won't live up to those expectations :)

Ok, we actually are out of time! Shoot, I didn't get lots of time today and I still need to send a couple quick ones! I love you so much! Thank you for all your advice! I might be able to come back in a little so maybe I'll send a couple more thoughts :) But if not, I love you a lot and miss you and I'm so grateful for everything! I love you!!!

Elder Connor Hopkin

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